Patialia salwar Suits. Over a period of time, the gathers became more organised… like pleats to give a wholesome look. The Patliala salwar kameez looks best on women then on men. Thus there are more styles for the females in a wide range of colors. Sixty years ago it was a regular daily outfit for the women of Punjab. A lot of fabric goes in making it. Since they suited women with particularly slim figures, other women discarded them from their wardrobes. But the uniqueness of the style and pattern is such that others also tried to use it. Thus variations in the patiala salwar kameez came in urban areas. Kurtas with short sleeves, long sleeves, salwar with broad poonchas falling down till the soles, well rounded ones at the ankles made an appearance.

The fabric can be embroidered to Self prints, floral designs, sequin-sippy-sitara work are quite popular. Plain deep red or maroon colored patiala salwar kameez can create a good impression. The current trends include use of soft fabrics like chiffon which are light. Pure soft cotton is also used. Silk is also used but it can be quite expensive. With work done on it; it can increase the overall budget of the entire garment.

Patiyala suits

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